A convenienct and rapid method

Designed to sum vital sources of all your apps immediately in order to show you the full picture at a glance.

Boost your business by a click

An expert way of analyzing your app helps you make correct and wise decisions.

Indispensable reports to quickly form an overview of your apps

Variety of sales reports enables you to grasp the data essence and get deeper understanding

Display reports you need

Don’t you just feel dazzled when you have to take a survey on your app sales at App Store where you are surrounded by massive volume of numbers? Sometimes one hastily slur over the complex figures to evaluate app performance, which is not exactly ideal. Now, AppReporter is designed to help you with this problem. It tracks your app sales and automatically organizes sales figures into neat and clear charts, enabling you to grasp the essence at one glance. All you have to do is launch AppReporter and it will do the rest.

Powerful and detailed analysis

Appreporter is a data visualization tool which designed for tracking app performance directly from developer’s account without changing anything on the app. Get the detailed report within a minute, and the data will be displayed into charts. Appreporter gives you a complete picture of your app which allows you understand the changes and differences at a glance. A variety of charts and functions are available for you to deep dive into your data.

Track data across every store

AppReporter is a powerful, flexible, and secure application for app developers to track and analyze their products’ sales. It downloads sales reports and puts them into powerful, readable, visual charts with only a few clicks. With these visual charts, you can analyze your sales trend, evaluate product performance, and work out your future strategy. AppReporter is indispensable for any app developer working with App Store. Now let’s see how AppReporter can help you in detail.

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