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Plan License1 License2 License3 License4 License5 License6
Days halfyear 1year halfyear 1year halfyear 1year
Permission 1 1 2 2 5 5
Apps 10 10 50 50 All All
Price $59.95 $109.95 $99.95 $189.95 $199.95 $379.95
Payment Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

Payment explanation

1. You can activate multiple accounts with one registration code. The available number is according to the plan you choose.

2. Appreporter offers you 3 times in transferring an account among different devices. The second time should be 30 days after the first transfer. The third time should be 60 days after the second transfer. After transferation, the new device is available to use and the permission of old device will be revoked.

3. After renewal with new registration code, the valid time of Appreporter will be added. The available number of apps tracking will follow the new plan. (Trail version excluded.)

4. Appreporter’s account can be transferred across platform. Furthermore, you can activate multiple accounts among different platforms.

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